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Life can be hard sometimes. So can being a business owner. When it is, we all have a choice. We can either operate Below the Point (or line, some people say) or we can operate Above the Point.

Below the Point is a place of Blame, Excuses and Denial. That is where reasons lie - reasons for not getting things done, reasons for why we 'just couldn't do it on time', reasons for not quite meeting the quality standards clients deserve...Unfortunately, it is also the place of ceding authority, because it means being a victim rather than a victor!

When I work with business owners one of the 'rules of the game' is to keep them accountable to CHOOSE to operate as victors. Taking Ownership of the situation, being Accountable (to themselves, to their teams and customers, to their partners and families) and accepting that they are 100% Responsible for their futures empowers them and gives them the control of the situation. We acknowledge reality and the challenges being faced and we choose to find solutions. 

I've seen literally hundreds of business owners and executives - myself included - facing big challenges. We all have. But here's what I know: BY making a positive choice and taking action early, we give ourselves the best shot at winning. One of the best examples come from sport, where Richie McCaw, the GAB (Great All Black!) played in the World Cup Final with a broken foot. He put everything on the line - pain, risk of long-term injury, the lot - to give himself and his team the chance to win. LEGEND!

Above the Point? Its Your Choice

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