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"Chris did very well to bring together disparate cultures and teams across four entities, transforming the business and laying strong foundations for achieving a very good return on the shareholder's investments. Whilst he left to resume his management consulting career, I'm very pleased that he retains a keen interest in the well-being of Wellington city and region. Chris' skills, deep personal integrity and ability to engage across diverse stakeholders stand him in good stead."

Chris Laidlaw, Chairperson, Greater Wellington Regional Council

"In transforming WREDA, Chris allowed his successor to pick up the day-to-day running of the organisation with the 'heavy lifting' complete. His point of difference might well be his willingness to try things - best endeavours in the interests of delivering an organisation’s vision, willingness to engage shareholders and stakeholders in a collaborative process where equals share the development of a plan with Chris taking responsibility for delivering. What stands out though, is his empathy, compassion, influence and openness with a genuinely collaborative approach".

Kaine Thompson, former Chief of Staff, Wellington City Council



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