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I am often asked to comment from a coach's perspective on how I help clients achieve 'work/life balance'. Last week, I had a group of 30+ business owners shocked by saying "There is no such thing!" There absolutely are 'bad work' habits, but we can't and shouldn’t try to be different people at work and in the rest of our lives.

There are no two days that are the same and so achieving the mystical 'balance' becomes impossible. It is a chimera, not a reality. If you’re looking for daily, immediate-term balance, you will never find it. Life has a way of surprising you and can throw you off track (think Omicron…) If you think of the bigger picture and view the moment as a part of a season rather than just a moment on it's own, you can better determine who or what needs your focus and attention now—your family, your business, your relationships.

So rather than chasing perfection and balance, I work with clients to focus on what matters in the season they are in. That means its important to know the seasons (much like farmers do, know when to plant so that when the seasons change - and they most certainly will - you are in a position to reap abundantly), to work with the seasons and to take a longer-term approach. That way, you can achieve harmony and balance, because you aren't chasing the urgent and are focusing on the important.

Work/life separation is not reality.  Rather focus on being all of yourself - authentically - in every situation.

Focus, Accountability and Mentoring are the keys to unlocking your future. HERE’S WHY

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Work-Life Balance - Myth or Reality?

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